Corporate Health Insurance Scheme


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Corporate Health Insurance Scheme

  • Designed to cover typical ailments and medical procedures by guaranteeing access to quality and affordable healthcare pan-Nigeria.
  • We offer Five (5) thoughtfully designed health plans which provides increasing levels of care at affordable price points.
  • Our Clients have the option of choosing plans that best suits their healthcare needs and expectations, while still conforming with the corporate ambitions of the organization.
  • Access to health care commences following payment subject to the terms stated in the chosen plan.
  • Five (5) Plans comprising BASIC, STANDARD, CLASSIC, GOLD and DIAMOND with each offering robust benefit cover which caters for most ailments/medical conditions prevalent in our country.
Benefits of the Corporate Health Insurance Scheme

The benefits are in 2 folds.

  • To the Organization
  • To the Employee

To the Organization

  • The health budget of the organization in a year is certain and definite.
  • Healthy workforce
  • Motivation for staff (employee morale is boosted).
  • High commitment to work.
  • Higher productivity
  • Compliance with the political/ legal environment (The NHIS will soon be mandatory for all employers of labour).
  • Competitive edge for your organization over rival company(s).

To the Employees

  • The enrollee, his/her spouse and 4 biological children less than 18years will have prompt access to high quality health care.
  • Biological children 18 years and above, and other dependants can also benefit with payment of additional token.
  • 24 hours a day and 365 days a year easy access to medical services from a wide range of health care providers at various locations in the country.
  • No fees or deposit before you access medical care.
  • Freedom to choose your health care provider from a wide range of hospitals and clinics.
  • 24hrs accident and emergency care in any of our designated hospitals.
  • Access to health promotion and wellness seminars for the beneficiaries.