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Tertiary Institution Health Insurance (TISHIP) Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ'S)

When a Member/Enrollee Requires Healthcare Services? How Does He/She Proceed?
  • Members present themselves at the chosen hospital (healthcare provider).
  • Members identify themselves by producing their membership ID card.
  • Members will then promptly be attended to, provided the plan/membership is still valid.
  • After receiving medical attention, the member shall be required to endorse the hospital attendance form to show a record of visit to the hospital.
  • If there is any problem at the hospital or need for any clarification, GHM help-lines/hotlines (see below) are available on 24/7 basis.
Provision of Healthcare Services

This will be provided by the institution's Health Centre for both primary and secondary healthcare services. These services will be paid for on a capitation and fee for service basis and will cover all services as indicated except exclusions.

Fee for Service

This amount will be set aside to be paid on a post paid basis for care not covered under the capitation and not excluded. This will be paid based on NHIS tariff. This service will require a pre-authorization from Greenfield Health Management Limited except in cases proven to be emergencies for which notification must be received within 48hrs of the intervention. This approval can be obtained by calling our 24hrs care lines.

Waiting Period

An average waiting period of fourteen (14) days after the receipt of an enrollee's data form is required before a new enrollee can visit his/her hospital.

More Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ'S)

Scope of Coverage

Membership is for full time students, and the contribution paid covers healthcare benefits for the students only per session.

Choice of Hospital

The hospital to be used will be the School Health Centre, which will provide both primary and secondary healthcare services within its capacity to the students. If the school lacks a health centre an agreed health centre will be chosen to provide these services.


The student has to complete a personal data form at the beginning of the academic year and pay the required premium at the beginning of the academic year. Thereafter the students will be registered at the health centre or the agreed healthcare providers.


This amount will be paid monthly in advance to the hospital and a list of students registered with the facility will be sent quarterly for verification.

Administrative Fee

This amount is to be set aside to cover administrative charges payable to NHIS as a statutory fee at 3% of the total premium.

Referral and Pre-Authorization
  • When the primary provider determines that Enrollee requires a higher level of care from another provider, i.e. a specialist, the enrollee may be referred to the specialist provided this is covered under the selected plan.
  • For specialized services such as surgeries and some diagnostic tests, the primary care provider or the specialist is expected to obtain pre-authorization from GHM except in the event of an emergency, provided this is within the scope and limit of your selected plan. All communications on such matters will be treated in the strictest confidentiality.