Tertiary Institution Health Insurance Plan (TISHIP Scheme)


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Green Field HMO (GFHM) TISHIP Scheme

About this scheme
  • A specially designed health plan for students of higher institutions in Nigeria
  • Enrollees under this scheme can access their school clinic or health center for care, and also allows the enrollees to access designated healthcare providers (on referral) nationwide, even during holidays.
Key Benefits of this Scheme To the Students
  • Immediate access to quality medical care from a wide range of credible service providers nationwide including emergencies, out of station illnesses and specialist referrals.
  • Provision of health screening facilities to ensure that medical problems are identified at early stages and then treated
  • Provision of health education through periodic seminars to create greater awareness of healthcare
  • Availability of medical care even when on holidays and vacations
  • Accident and emergency care available in any of our designated hospitals irrespective of your location
  • Prevention of school absenteeism due to illness
To the Tertiary Institution
  • Medical expenses can be accurately determined every year
  • Guaranteed access to healthcare for the students
  • Generation of income for the healthcare centre of the tertiary institution as capitation will be paid to them for enrollees registered with them. This ensures the health care has adequate resources to improve their infrastructure.
  • More income can be retained as health care centre is upgraded to provide more secondary care services
  • Capacity building for staff in the medical centre
  • Supplies of drugs at discounted rate to the medical centre by pharmaceutical companies.
Benefit Package of the GFHM Scheme for Students

The following benefits are accruable to your students upon registration. That is, students are entitled to these services:

  • Out-patient care, including necessary consumables
  • Prescribed drugs (as contained in NHIS essential drug)
  • Diagnostic test (as contained in the diagnostic test lists)
  • Consultation with specialists such as physician, surgeons, ophthalmologist etc.
  • Hospital care (15 days per annum)
  • Eye examination and care including eye tests and lenses (up to N5,000.00)
  • Dental care covering consultation, oral investigation, pain relief, simple tooth extraction and amalgam filling
  • Health Education on HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, smoking, sexually transmitted disease, test and counseling for HIV/AIDS
  • Obstetric care i.e. antenatal delivery and postnatal care while in school
  • Minor Surgical Cases e.g. suturing of lacerations, incision and drainage etc.
  • Intermediate surgical procedures e.g. appendicectomy, herniorraphy, orthopedic, ENT and ophthalmological procedure etc.
  • Coverage on Holidays or out school emergencies: care will be provided by the closest NHIS hospital
How It Works
  • Registration of students into the scheme begins with payment of an agreed premium at the point of payment of their school fees.
  • Students go through a simple and straightforward registration process. This involves the completion of enrollment form and two passport sized photographs of the students.
  • Thereafter the students are provided with ID cards.
  • Access to health care commences following payment subject to the terms agreed upon with the School Management.
  • Green Field HMO ID card admits only the beneficiary whose name and photograph appears on the card. If the ID is lost or stolen, Green Field must be notified with a request for replacement.